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SAB is a digital marketing agency based in Jakarta. Our office is in Jakarta and we’re partnering exclusively with an European based digital agency. We are a group of experts and creatives, striving for your business’ success. 

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Tri Lastiko

Tri Lastiko


I like talking with clients. I’m focused on what they want by doing what they need. Digital marketing is all about experiments. And that’s something I communicate with them. Strategy and digital solutions are topics I deal with at SAB. The creation of positive synergies is essential because customer satisfaction is my top priority.

foto abdul cholik

Abdul Cholik

Tech Specialist

As a tech specialist and studied programmer, I am responsible for turning your dream project into reality. My main task is to provide you with the best combination of commercial, technical, and aesthetic aspects. I determine your wishes and adapt the project to your individual needs to achieve our common goals.

Andi Adrianto

Andi Adrianto

Web Performance

Bruce Lee said ” I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” For me, my one kick 10,000 times is website performance optimization. Beside that, you should fear my front-end development skills too.

Alya Lihan Eltofani

Alya Lihan Eltofani

Digital Marketer

Graduated from a Digital Marketing course at Purwadhika startup and coding school, I’m now assisting you in digital marketing planning, Google Analytics, and social media marketing. I graduated from architecture, which made me passionate about problem-solving, familiar with design principles, project management, and team collaboration.



WordPress Specialist

WordPress is my best friend. Diving deep into coding and developing your project is what I do every day. A clear defined instruction from you is what I need. We’ll work side-by-side to get a perfect result for you.

untag pranata

Untag Pranata

Software and Mobile Apps

As a software and apps developer, I support you in the planning, conception and creation of your project. I ensure a smooth and efficient project flow. I analyse possible optimization potentials, implement promising measures, pay attention to quality assurance and create product at the best possible rate.

Irawan Arif

Irawan Arif

E-Commerce Specialist

I’m specialized in making platforms that generate money for you. I’m focused on creating eCommerce using Shopify, though I use WooCommerce too. I’m your go-to developer for your eCommerce project from conception, design, and development until marketing optimization.

Iqra Rizky Goranda

Iqra Rizky Goranda

Digital Strategy Planner

I’m into learning. I think it’s fun to learn and to do more for myself and others. I’m a data person too. Data make your decision making accurate and measurable. I studied economics and currently pursuing my master’s degree. My specialization is in digital marketing, especially in strategy and framework building.

Shantia Pardiles

Shantia Pardiles

Social Media Strategist

My passion for scrolling my smartphone has turned me into a social media strategist. I am effectively using my time to craft a social media strategy for you and your brand. The image creation, compelling copywriting, and optimization strategy are activities we do to make sure your social media stands out.

Daffa Dzakwan


Writing has always been my comfort zone, but copywriting is where I step up the game.
Specialized in conversion copywriting, it is my duty to create engaging copies
to attract potental consumers for your products or services. I make website copies, product descriptions and stories, advertorials, and ad copies that is effective to lead consumers to your desired CTA

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It is more about what you do than what you know. In SAB, a proven track record of impressive results is our real competence.


When we put our skills together creating solutions for our clients, it works. Our creativity is not only for aesthetics. They also drive traffic, convert, and boost sales.


We are unique individuals working together with positivity, and 100% professional understanding.

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